The Mission

“Elevating the entrepreneurial eco-system for UVA Alumni by inspiring, connecting, funding, and mentoring the extended UVA start up community.”

CAV Angels Introductory Video


CAV Angel members are UVA alumni or otherwise affiliated with UVA. This includes alumni, students, faculty/staff, researchers, parents and others with a strong UVA affiliation. Although our membership is only by invitation, we are currently seeking charter members with exceptional backgrounds in startup and early stage investment. All members must be accredited investors per US SEC Regulations. Please contact us for more information!


CAV Angels will fund selected high potential startups where a founder, major investor or board member is a UVA Alumnus or has another strong UVA affiliation. For the companies we invest in, we will bring our connections, experience and knowledge.

Virtual Angel Group

Through technology, CAV Angels brings the knowledge and experience of our diverse alumni base together with our startup community, regardless of location.

Corporate Affiliates

Jefferson Level Affiliate


Rotunda Level Affiliate

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