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Entrepreneur Resource Links

The Kauffman Foundation: Fostering economic independence by advancing education and entrepreneurship

Definitive Guide – Raising Money From Angel Investors, by Bill Payne

TedTalk: How to Pitch to a Venture Capitalist: by New York Angels’ Chairman David S. Rose

7 Deadly Sins of Powerpoint: by Dr. Joseph Sommerville, Principle of Peak Performance Free legal documents, information, best practices and resources for launching a start-up

OnStartups: Advice and insights for entrepreneurs

Startup Digest: The personalized insider newsletter for all things startup

Angel Investor Resource Links

Angel Capital Association: The North American professional association of active accredited investors

PE Hub: An interactive forum for the global private equity community

VentureBeat: Tech news that matters

The Angel Capital Association’s webinar on the basics of Angel Investing

Other webinars by the Angel Capital Association to help newcomers learn more about angel investing

Corporate Affiliates

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