CAV Angel members must be UVA alumni or otherwise affiliated with UVA. This includes alumni, students, faculty/staff, researchers, parents and others with a strong UVA affiliation. Although our membership is only by invitation, we are currently seeking charter members with exceptional backgrounds in startup and early stage investment.

Though our initial members may largely be from Charlottesville or the surrounding region, our long term goal is to build a network of regional alumni-members from all over the US and the world. We are actively seeking remote alumni with exceptional qualifications for consideration as members. CAV Angels uses online platforms to review and evaluate opportunities, so all members, regardless of location, are able to access pertinent company data and due diligence reports at their leisure. When necessary, we arrange conference calls and meetings to review due diligence, deal flow and other relevant topics.


Members will have the full benefit of national membership, including access to all deal flow, connection to other members through the GUST system, and participation in activities of the Angel Capital Association. To provide opportunities for a full range of the UVA family to participate in the various activities of the club, CAV Angels has three different membership categories:

Full Members (accredited investors)

• Full access to all club activities
• Ability to invest in club deals
• Invitation to all social and educational events
• $1000 membership fees annually + $2000 one-time entrance fee

Educational Members (non-accredited investors)

• Cannot invest in club deals, but otherwise can participate fully in club activities
• Principally for alumni who are interested in learning about angel investing
• Integrated into the Young Alumni Council of the UVA Alumni Association’s entrepreneurship activities
• $250 membership fees annually

Student Members

• Must be a full-time student at UVA
• Must participate in a relevant student club (e.g. McIntire’s Virginia Venture Fund, the Darden Entrepreneur and Venture Capital club, or the Law School’s Entrepreneurial Law Society)
• Gain valuable experience by assisting club management with due diligence on potential investments
• Access to all educational and networking activities
• No membership fees