Cavalier Angels (CAV Angels for short) is a non-profit club composed of UVA alumni, faculty, parents, students and friends of the University whose mission is:

1) to provide education in investment in private, early stage companies for members of the UVA family with particular emphasis on providing educational opportunities for UVA students through practical experience. As an alumni club, CAV Angels is formally an Alumni Interest Group of the UVA Alumni Association. CAV Angels works closely with the Batten Institute at Darden and the Galant Center at the McIntire School on educational activities and opportunities for its members and for current UVA students.

2) to provide networking opportunities for UVA alumni, faculty and students who share an interests in private equity investment including both investors and entrepreneurs.

2) to facilitate investment by members of the club in early stage growth companies founded by, owned by or managed by members of the UVA family (alumni, faculty, parents, students, and friends).

We at CAV Angels have a lofty mission that can only be achieved with your participation and support: “Elevating the entrepreneurial eco-system for UVA alumni by inspiring, connecting, funding, and mentoring the extended UVA start up community.” Though CAV Angels is not directly affiliated with or endorsed by UVA, we are focused on helping our fellow alumni.

As part of this mission we seek to connect alumni from all over, not just Charlottesville. To do so we make extensive use of technology: our website (CAVAngels.com) serves as a portal to an angel investment platform where entrepreneurs can upload their company information (including video pitches) and investors can collaborate on deals — including reviewing information and participating in virtual Q&A sessions.
This focus on technology means that joining and remaining active as a CAV Angels investor is easy: our online membership sign-up process is quick and straightforward, and the majority of our membership communication happens through email and recordings, rather than through stacks of paperwork and time-consuming meetings.

Investors with CAV Angels must be accredited and have a connection to the University of Virginia as alumni, students, faculty, staff, researchers, children of alumni, or parents of students. Although at present our investors make decisions as individuals rather than as a group, we are working toward opening a fund as another means of getting involved.